Who are your allies?

Moving through different phases in our life, we go through times when we are connected to friends and groups and times when we aren't. I have a friend who works at school in a special needs classroom. This is a tough job, with many sweet daily moments and times when she and her colleagues get hit, kicked, and spit on. In spite of the challenges, her comment is that she “...would do any job with this team”. The work is rewarding, but it’s the team work that keeps her there.

The geese also provide an incredible model for how to work together as a community. They take turns leading the flock during migration and they draft off of each other to sustain their speed. During flight, when the leader grows tired, they move to the back and another steps up. Geese also never leave anyone behind. If a goose is injured or sick, a few geese will stay behind until they die or are well enough to fly and rejoin the group. We need these kinds of allies to get through life.

I’ve discovered, though, that we have many different kinds of allies, including the planets, the birds and animals, the elements, as well as guides and goddesses. I am by no means an astrology expert, but I have had many sessions with wonderful astrologers who have introduced me to the various roles the planets play in our lives depending on where they were when you were born. Mercury helps us communicate and Jupiter blesses us.

Saturn brings whatever we need into 3D reality, whether that’s an opportunity or a tough lesson. Uranus is a much needed wake-up call at midlife. He asks, “Where are you on your path? Are in the right place, with the right people, doing the right things? I don’t mean right or wrong, I mean right for you, based on what you came here to do and what your unique purpose is. Your ultimate soul contract is with yourself. Why did you incarnate this time around? What did you want to learn and how did you want to grow?

Through a series of readings from talented mystics, sages, and prophets over the last few years, I have come to know my guides and allies. Some are with me all of the time and some I can call on in specific situations. When I meditate, I am surrounded. To my left sits a Native American elder. She is always with me and connects me to the planet. She grounds me in nature and reminds me that I am never alone as I am part of this vast universe and everything in it. In front of me sits Kuan Yin, goddess of mercy and compassion.

Of all of the expressions of love on this planet, to me these are the highest. In my heart, I strive to give myself and all other beings mercy and compassion for our failings and our mistakes so that we can enjoy all that this earth experience has to offer, which is plentiful. To my right sits Mary Magdalene. She is a truth teller and gives me courage when I need to stand up for what I know is right and true. Behind me is the Egyptian goddess Isis, who represents healing and magic, two of my very favorite things.

The elements are an interesting group of allies. Air is about intellect, new thoughts and change. Whenever there is a strong breeze or wind storm, I am excited to think what new energy is brought in by the storm. Water is an amazing ally in the process of cleansing. Every kind of water feels good, whether it’s a shower, a lake, a drink of water flowing down the esophagus, or a light rain.

The earth is our home and through our feet we can feel Gaia below us, sending us golden light and love, which we can return with thoughts of gratitude for all she gives us. Every rock is a reminder that we are here on this planet for a fleeting segment of our soul’s journey and we can hold onto that when things get, well, rocky. Fire is one of my most favorite. It keeps us warm, gives us light and hope, sparks the creative juices and can destroy what no longer serves us when we need to begin again. The other element that speaks to me personally is lightning. The energy, electricity, and flashes of insight that accompany lightning remind me that in a moment, everything can change. One flash of insight can illuminate the darkest sky.

Perhaps the most beloved group of allies are the animals. The very first time I encountered an animal that was clearly trying to speak to me and get my attention was about 15 years ago when I visited a small marine center. As I walked past the tank that held an octopus, it began to dance. It shimmered and shimmied and motioned with every tentacle. It was looking right at me and we had a moment.

I was mesmerized, totally in awe that this creature wanted to connect with me so badly. For me, this is the purest form of magic on the planet. Since then, I’ve had dragonflies dance around my car, a weasel warn me about a deceptive person, miniature horses flirt with me, camels slyly saunter by me, and many, many animals show up in dreams. In dreams, I’ve had peacocks run straight into my heart, dogs wash up on shore, badgers waddle by, giant horses sprint out of a cave, and a striped panther lounging outside of a restaurant wearing glasses.

I credit a flock of geese for alerting me to the fact that I needed to quit my job and migrate north. At the time, I spent most of my days inside of drab conference rooms. I would strategically choose seats that faced the windows (if there were any) so I could watch the geese as they often came honking by, letting me know something more awaited me beyond the concrete walls of corporate life. I am forever grateful to the geese, who I now see everyday.

They are still trying to teach me what it means to have a flock, to work as a team, to draft off of each others’ strengths, and to build a community that promises to look after each other. Next time you are feeling lonely, close your eyes, and feel who or what is around you. You never know what kind of ally might be present to remind you of how precious, connected, and surrounded with love you actually are.

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