The Bridge to Love & Creativity

Bridges in dreams are about transitions in life, crossing from one place to another. Many bridges are suspended over water, which makes the transition emotional in nature. I’ve had two very significant dreams about bridges. In the first, I was ready to walk across a bridge positioned low over a river when I saw a tsunami coming. I had to time my walk across the bridge to miss being overwhelmed by the giant wave. Just as I finished crossing, I sensed another large wave was on its way. To complete my crossing, I had to walk up a stairwell. Upon approach, I saw that there were people laying on the ground, too tired to climb the stairs and arrive at the destination. I looked at these people in sympathy as I ascended.

Practically, this means that we have to be willing to look at our shadow, the feelings and parts of ourselves that we would prefer to ignore. While this is very difficult (especially at first), realizing that all humans experience the same emotions and patterns can help reduce or eliminate any shame in having what we deem “negative” emotions. In fact, being human means experiencing a range of emotions, both “good” and “bad”, which is both a normal and universal experience.

When you endeavor to cross the 4D bridge, you will invariably encounter your own shadow and the archetypes. These archetypes include gods and goddesses, demons and devils, angels, dragons, fairies, gnomes, and many other mythological creatures.

I believe these beings are all real and exist in the fourth dimension energetically. We rarely see them (though some do), but we can feel them. While 3D includes our physical world sensed by sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste, 4D is sensed through our emotions. The willingness to do the tough work of slogging through our messy and intense emotions can yield the reward of arriving at a reality filled with love and creativity.

This is the journey I’ve been o - crossing the 4D bridge. I believe it began during the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. Eclipses are powerful windows and harbingers of change. At the time, I lived in Oregon, which was in the path of totality. Something happened as my family laid on the grass and witnessed this celestial event. It initiated us, not unlike a ceremony honoring a rite of passage. It propelled us onto a new path.

For six weeks after the eclipse, we experienced a glimpse into 5D. We witnessed an ascended master come through a portal near Mt. Shasta, received downloads of inspired ideas, our children channeled messages from angels and ancestors, and we received the gift of a wake up call - an invitation to a new life if we were willing to do the work.

I had a dream that gave me a visual for what the 4D bridge would feel like. In the dream, I had to crawl through a white canvas tunnel that hung hundreds of feet in the air suspended over water. The tunnel was filled with sunlight. With every step, the weight of my hands and knees made the tunnel bounce up and down. I had to move slowly and steadily. I noticed that the white canvas was barely dirty, indicating that very few have taken this path. I knew it would be slow, scary, and would feel unstable, but that the rewards would be great.

Over the last three to four years, I’ve experienced very deep feelings of the human collective and met many of the shadow aspects of myself. Through dreams, I was given images to go along with these archetypal shadow selves. I met a very short man (i.e., 2 foot tall) that rode a motorcycle, barreling down the road. This was my ego. I met a bitchy, take-charge mermaid and a naked and very emotionally wounded young man. I met fairies who could fly, and guides who whispered inspired career advice. I met Alfred Hitchcock, Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, Jewel, and Jason Mraz (all modern day gods and goddesses).

While I can’t say yet that I’m firmly planted in 5D, I think I may be at the threshold, crossing into a life of love and creativity, free from fear. What would that look like? It looks like waking up everyday with people you love and relationships that are authentic, open, honest and allow for our humanity (i.e., errors and imperfection). It looks like doing work that you love, that brings you joy and provides value for others. It means freedom on all levels. Freedom to spend your time doing things you find meaningful, freedom from constant worry about financial demise and other disasters. And the biggest one - freedom from fearing yourself and that whatever it is that you do, say, feel, or choose is wrong in some way or is something that you should feel ashamed of.

Being a human is messy. It means feeling all kinds of emotions and honoring many aspects of ourselves. It means making mistakes and learning from them and allowing others to do the same. It means recognizing our uniqueness and the inherent and equal value of all humans. It means valuing our individuality and independence and our need to belong to a human family. It means that we are not above nature, but part of nature. It means that we can co-create our own reality, but we are ultimately not in control.

Although the bridge from 3D to 5D seems treacherous, I can assure you that from my perspective, just on the other side of all the tough work, it’s worth it. If you take the time and have the courage to face your fears, recognize your humanity, and allow yourself the joy of co-creating with the universe, you will birth a life of love and creativity. You will arrive in 5D.

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