Match or No Match

December 8, 2021

I was raised in a very religious family and I did my best to be a good Christian girl, even going as far as being baptized during college. I spent my first two years of college getting good and drunk, having a blast. But there was always this voice saying, “You’ve got to buckle down and become the good Christian girl you were meant to be.” A lovely acquaintance would ask me every so often if I was ready to go to church with her. And the summer before my junior year, I caved. And when I do something, I go all in.

Soon I was attending church every Sunday, involved with the youth group, where I met a lot of really amazing people. I even started dating someone in the church circle. After nearly a year of this, I did not recognize myself. I felt so, so lonely. I had become a clone, a replica of what I thought I was supposed to be. I was no longer any of the things that made me me.

One day, while taking a shower, I said out loud: “Please, show me the truth.” Within weeks, I could see the holes in the doctrine, the clincher being that we should love everyone, except gay people. They are sinners. That did not make any sense to me. And I started to question whether the religion I was knee deep in was really anything at all like Jesus. I slowly extracted myself from the situation, which was challenging and painful.

I took a long break from thinking about spirituality and religion. But in 2007, after about ten years, I started feeling the itch again. I am definitely a seeker. It’s my nature. I want to understand it all. And, for me, spirituality asks some of the biggest questions. Why are we here? How did we get here? What’s the purpose? What happens next? What does it mean to be human? I am forever grateful to a colleague and a friend who pointed me in a new direction. It was as if she knew exactly where I was on my journey and just the right thing to get me started. She recommended I read Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Mastery of Love.

Reading this book was like the flip of a light switch. It explains that humans have been infected with something akin to a virus. We walk around wounded, infecting others because we feel inadequate ourselves. This book explains that the opposite is true - we are all worthy beyond comprehension just as we are.

A few years later, probably around 2010, I purchased a monthly membership to, an online alternative media network where you can find interviews and shows on all things metaphysical. I listened and listened and listened. ET encounters, quantum physics, chakra systems, alternative medicine, near death experiences - I found it all so fascinating. There are some very alternative theories out there and I find them delightful to consider. One such theory, described in Patricia Cori’s book, The New Sirian Revelations, is that the star system, Sirius, has one planet inhabited by reptilians that are trying to lasso themselves to our planet because they know that earth is ascending to a higher frequency and they want to hitch a ride. Pretty out there, but pretty interesting.

Patricia channels the information in her book and explains that humans are ascending from a 3D earth to a 5D earth, and creating a new paradigm based on love and creativity. In the process, we are moving away from language that judges - good/bad, right/wrong, etc. But she also emphasizes that the ability to discern is key. She suggests we adopt a new terminology for 5D discernment through the terms “Match” or “No Match”. As we encounter people, jobs, stores, groups, books, blogs, opportunities, we can check in with our internal guidance and find out if it’s a match or no match. This eliminates the need to judge it as right or wrong, but simply to ask whether it matches you, at this particular moment.

Recently the Northern Lights, aurora borealis, have reached as far south as Port Angeles, WA. I wasn’t fortunate enough to see it, but I do know that if the solar flares (the sun storms that cause this beautiful phenomenon) are reaching further and further south, there is definitely something spectacular happening with our sun. In discussing our sun’s ascension, here is what Patricia says in her book (p.139), “So intense is the immense galactic shift, around and within your solar body, that we feel compelled to describe everything in your sun’s environment as racing completely out of control, in the highest sense of that expressed terminology. And ‘out of control’ is where you, the awakening, strive to be, for your own planet and your entire civilization. Ironically, in order to be finally freed of the controls upon your civilization, you must first bear witness to a global society that appears to be off the rails, in a state of orchestrated, almost maniacal chaos.”

That definitely describes how I’m experiencing the mainstream narrative taking place on our global center stage. Knowing that chaos is part of the process of evolution- for our sun, the earth, and humanity- I can confidently say that for me, with regards to the control systems in place through our governments and large corporations, it’s definitely not a match.

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