Indivisible With Liberty

Some say that our bodies don’t lie. Your mind can trick you, but your body knows. Many alternative health practitioners use muscle testing to get to the root of a physical problem, because they know your body knows.

They ask yes or no questions starting with things known to be true, like your name, age, and the city you live in. Then they move into more complicated territory, like disease, allergies, blockages, trauma, deeply rooted emotional patterns, etc..

In 2018, when my youngest son was in kindergarten, I volunteered in his classroom on Friday mornings. Each morning, we’d begin by standing up, facing the American flag, and reciting the pledge of allegiance. When we got to the part that says, “One nation, under god, indivisible”, my face would crumble, my voice would crack, and tears would come to my eyes. My body would stop me. It wouldn’t let me say indivisible. It wouldn't let me lie.

Standing at the front of the classroom, I was embarrassed, hoping none of the kids would notice, but it happened every single time. We are so divided. And they are dividing us. But who are “they”?

You know, THEY. THEM. The patriarchal systems that have developed over millennia and that serve only themselves. The billionaires who go joyriding in space instead of helping here on Earth. The ones who turn a blind eye to environmental destruction because they are beholden to their shareholders and the bottom line. The ones who don’t care about representing people as long as they get elected. The ones that insist you must work 70 hours a week to be a valuable asset to the company. The ones that profit from our sickness and from the “cure”.

As a brilliant astrologist once said to me, “We are here to topple the patriarchy”. When she said this, my body knew it to be true. It shivered and lightened. This statement embedded itself in my DNA and echoes when I feel strongly about detaching from our current systems.

But how do we do that? How do we accomplish something so vast and nebulous as toppling the patriarchy? How do we detach from systems that we rely on? I can’t say exactly how, as I think it’s unique for each person, but I do get the sense that it’s not by engaging in a battle. And trust me, I want to battle. I’ve been arm wrestling my own inner warrior, who wants to throw a grenade inside the walls of the patriarchy. But there’s a higher part of me that won’t let me, knowing if I engage, it only strengthens the other side. A fight can only happen between two willing participants.

Maybe we walk away from the patriarchy when we become entrepreneurs and small business owners in our community. Or when we choose to shop local. When we dine at a small mom-and-pop restaurant over a chain. When we leave jobs that don’t value us. When we stand up for justice within any organization or institution. When we turn off the TV or question what it tries to sell us.

The mainstream narrative imposes duality on us, a polarized reality that seems to offer only two choices. You can be a Democrat or a Republican, for or against Trump, Vaxxed or Unvaxxed. And then you have to hate the other because the other is the problem.

Being truly indivisible will come when we find a third way - a new way forward, disentangled from the patriarchy. To find the way, we have to integrate the voice of the feminine into the conversation and into our way of being. She whispers, “Come over here. This way…”.

At one of my jobs, I worked for a female founder of a company. She was a very good business woman, but she only embodied her masculine side. I had dreams that I took my cat to work and she was very, very confused by this. Cats in dreams represent powerful feminine energy, which includes creativity, intuition, sensuality and stillness. I used my intuition a lot at work, but it wasn't always well received. Knowing something without having been told or seen it written down can be very off-putting.

When we resurrect the feminine, and integrate it with the divine masculine, we unite. The feminine way is creative, receptive, collaborative. It listens, waits, and dreams. The masculine way protects, reasons, debates, and takes action. We need both. And we all have both within us. When we integrate the masculine and feminine way, we listen and then we take action. We receive and plan, create, and defend.

I wonder what the next paradigm of duality will look like. What new "this or that" grouping will the mainstream narrative impose? I’m watching for it, because I know it’s coming. It’s the only way They can keep us from becoming We. Who are we? We are The People. We are humanity. We are one. And when they are ready to become we, we will welcome them with open arms.

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